Ford Fireworks | Annual Events

Canada and the U.S. celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day on the Detroit River

Stake Your Territory, Pack a Cooler and Watch the Sky Light Up

Get ready to celebrate summer. The annual Ford Fireworks along the Detroit River is a proud tradition in Detroit that usually takes place toward the middle to end of June.

An international event, the show lights up the sky above the Detroit River, which splits the U.S. from Canada. People on both sides of the water line the riverfront and cheer with every atmospheric display. It's an experience not to be missed.

The fireworks can be enjoyed from many points throughout Detroit. Some of the best viewing spots are Belle Isle, Hart Plaza, and of course, from the infamous rooftop party on top of the Miller Parking Garage. Tickets required for the rooftop party.

Since the show is visible from so many points, it’s free to watch. Some parking may cost you, but if you view it from your favorite place by the Detroit River, the family fun won’t cost a thing.

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Jun 24, 2019